Types Of Loan

Personal Loan

Personal loans belongs to unsecured loans category that are applied and taken for personal use by people who are have a standard income in Singapore. Qualifying persons are those who have a steady stream of income, from employment or business activities, and are citizens of Singapore, or foreigners with authority to live and work in Singapore. Standard regulation by the law, you must be above the age of 21 years.

Applying loan with us are considered the best traditional way because they are easily accessible and our requirement are not as strict as the bank. Better still at Uniq-Credit, we offer customized products to fit your unique needs and we aim to provide the best services to our client.

Foreigner Loan

Foreigners can reach us immediately once they encounter financial difficulty. Good news Foreigners no need to worry having problem to apply loans when they needed aid. Online resources have made it easier for people to apply for loans quickly and conveniently without worrying the hassle of making your trip down if you have a busy day to work on.

We understand how inconvenient borrowing money from your family while working in a foreign country can get. Our mission is to provide another credit option to keep you going before the next payday comes to you.

Working in a foreign country is hard enough and when facing financial difficulties life can become unbearable and what we are aiming is to provide fast and easy solution for you. Apply now!

TaxiGrab Driver Loan

God send a good opportunity for such as grab and uber able to provide extra income for those capable and hard working adult . These innovative platforms are not only beneficial to passengers in the city but also to anyone who wishes to enjoy more financial freedom.

If you own a car, you can register it with Uber or Grab and start making money instantly. Driving with Grab, Uber or working as a Taxi driver? Applying a legal loan with us and get approval on the same day! As long as you are able to furnish us with your weekly payslip and earnings. You are able to apply a legal loan with us. Every individual in Singapore hopes to obtain economic and time freedom. We know that time and financial aid is the most crucial for you to earn a stable income.