Uniq-Credit Pte Ltd Licence No. 191/2018.

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Uniq-Credit Licensed Money Lender is a well trusted and high reputable money lending company in Singapore. We provide various tailored financing help to those in need of fast and convenient cash. If you are looking to hire legal money lender Singapore, you are at the right place. Many people often encounter financial problems and usually have issue access to quick funds due to urgent stress such as loans strict rules, bad credit record and longer approval timing. We are the licensed money lender Singapore, committed to meeting needs of our clients in getting fast access to emergency needs by providing fast loans online.


We are the best licensed money lender and our operations are regulated by the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore. Our payment plans and interest rates occur to the standards set by Moneylenders Act and Rules. Therefore all our clients getting one of the best financial services provided in the city.


As we are the trusted and best money lender in Singapore, therefore our customers have no doubts on us for transparency, fairness, convenience and the most important value when it comes to quick financing. Our customer service team is well prepared to respond to all of your questions, our online application can get you one-step closer by providing financial helps which caters your needs.


#1 Licensed Money Lender Singapore

Life is often unpredictable, sometimes we might be place into difficult situations whereby is beyond our financial capabilities. When this happen, you do not have much options but to look around for help from external resources.


There is no doubt, you can seek help from your family or even close friends for emergency needs and this is the last thing I believe you want to do.


Because every individual has their commitment and self value that they must fulfill. Thus they might not be able to provide the financial help that you require. Most importantly, looking for your close ones for financial help can cause unnecessary stress for yourself. You may have to approach multiple individual to consolidate the funds that you require, but if you contact our certified money lender Singapore, we assure to provide a quick solution to you!